Abdullah bin Ibrahim Foundation is leading the most prestigious institutions in the field of import ceramic, porcelain, natural marble and granite.

 Our Foundation has raised since its inception in 1400 the theme of quality and the principle of objective beauty.

It also has placed a major goal is to import the best quality and latest models of ceramic and porcelain to satisfy the desire of the Saudi consumer.

As the Corporation is the general agent of the best factories in the form of products, factory-Masri, a jewel of a high-tech factories in the world and the few factory jewel always seeks to achieve the first goal is to reach full satisfaction to its customers in Egypt and the world.

And Venus as well as products factory and a factory and a factory Metropole Plaza in addition to other global agencies and conform to the specifications of Saudi Arabia, with international quality certificates ISO.

The result of all this effort and level of excellence, the Foundation has seen the opening of a series of branches in Jeddah, Riyadh and Medina, Taif, Tabuk, Yanbu and Dammam in addition to and distinct distribution agents in all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.